Why do I want to stop smoking?

  • Social Health Risks
  • Financial Social
  • I don’t want to smell of cigarettes
  • My friends/family don’t like breathing in my smoke
  • My friends/family don’t want me to risk my health by smoking

Health Risks


  • Asthma
  • Chronic breathing problems from permanent lung damage
  • Cancer


  • Angina
  • Heart Attacks


  • Strokes

Having children

  • Both men and women smokers can find it more difficult to start a family
  • Children of smokers are more likely to end up in special care when they are born than those of non smokers


  • Smoking ages skin and gives you wrinkles as early as your thirties


  • Smoking is expensive
  • What might I do to get the money - pocket money / job / ? steal

The King's School 2008