What Can You Do

What can I do if I am being bullied?

  1. Don’t ignore bullying – it won’t go away on its own and it may get worse.
  2. Tell someone you trust – such as a teacher, parent or friend.
  3. Remember – it’s not your fault. No one deserves to be bullied.

Here are some other things you can do to try and keep safe and stop the bullying:

  • Keep a record – and save any nasty texts or emails that you have been sent.
  • Try to stay away from the bullies or stay with a group when you don’t feel safe.
  • Ask your mates to look out for you.
  • Try not to retaliate – you could get into trouble or get hurt.
  • Check the King’s School anti-bullying policy. This will tell you what King’s School will do about bullying.
  • Try to act more confident – even if you don’t feel it.
  • Call ChildLine for extra help on 0800 1111.

Helping a friend
Maybe you’re not being bullied, but you know someone who is. It may be a good friend or someone you hardly know from another class or from the bus stop.

You might think “What can I do” or “Anything I do won’t help“. Well you are wrong by not ignoring bullying you can help. Bullies often think that they can carry on as no-one will dare stop them.

What CAN you do?

  • Let a teacher or other adult know what’s happening.
  • Try to be a friend to the person being bullied.
  • Refuse to join in.
  • Try to be friendly to the bully, but even if you can’t be friends, being kind can sometimes help the bully stop bullying.
  • Sometimes you can’t sort it out yourself. Ask an adult for help.

Here is a DON’T
Don’t rush over and take them on - it might not be safe and you don’t want other people to think you are a bully.

Why do bullies do it?

  • They have their own problems - they may feel upset or angry or feel that they don’t fit in - perhaps they have problems at home?
  • Maybe they get bullied themselves, perhaps by someone in their own family or other adults?
  • They’re scared of getting picked on so they do it first.
  • They want to show off and seem tough
  • Many don’t like themselves and so take it out on someone else.
The King's School 2008