Sexual Health

PSHE and the APAUSE programme tries to make sure that everyone at King’s School understand about sexual health:

  • How to say “no!”
  • How pregnancy can happen
  • Contraception to prevent accidental pregnancies
  • How to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases
  • Who to go to for help and advice about contraception, pregnancy, help if someone is pressurising you to have sex.

However in spite of this accidents can happen for many different reasons.
Some facts about getting pregnant

Going back to basics there are a lot of myths around about getting pregnant. These are the facts:Sexual Health

A woman can still get pregnant:

  • If it is the first time she has sex
  • If she does not have an orgasm
  • If a man pulls out of her vagina before he comes (ejaculates)
  • If she has sex when she has a period
  • If she douches (squirts water into the vagina). This can be harmful to women
  • Whatever position the couple has sex in.

By using contraception you can avoid becoming pregnant when you don’t want to be.

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