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Unit 1

1.1.1Infra Red radiation





1.1.2 Surfaces and radiation





1.1.3 States of Matter





1.1.4 Conduction

Kinetic Theory explains





1.1.5 Convection

Convection Video





1.1.6 Evaporation and condensation

Kinetic Theory explains





1.1.7 Energy Transfer by Design





1.1.8 Specific Heat Capacity





1.1.9 Heating & Insulating Video 1 Video 2





1.2.1 Forms of Energy





1.2.2 Conservation of Energy





1.2.3 useful Energy





1.2.4 Energy and Efficiency





1.3.1 Electrical Appliances





1.3.2 Electrical Power





1.3.3 Using Electrical Energy





1.3.4 Cost Effectiveness & Efficiency





1.4.1 Fuel for Electricity & How Power stations work





1.4.2 Energy from Wind





1.4.3 Power from the Sun & Earth





1.4.4 Energy & Environment





1.4.5 The National grid





1.4.6 Supply and demand and startup time





1.5.1 The Nature of Waves





1.5.2 Measuring Waves





1.5.3 Wave properties: Reflection





1.5.4 Wave properties: Refraction





1.5.5 Wave properties: Diffraction





1.5.6 Sound





1.5.7 Musical Sounds





1.6.1 Electromagnetic Spectrum





1.6.2 Light, infra red, microwaves & radio waves





1.6.3 Communications





1.6.4 The expanding Universe





1.6.5 The Big bang





How to manipulate formulae





Standard Form





How to Interpret Graphs & Charts








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Unit 2

Forces and their Effects





Forces and Elasticity

Hooke’s Law Video





Force and acceleration

1 Acceleration Video

2 F=ma





Velocity and distance-time graphs

2. Velocity-Time graph





Weight, mass and gravity





Frictional forces and terminal velocity





Work Done





Potential Energy





Kinetic Energy










Momentum and collisions Video 1

Video 2

Video 3






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Car safety - Stopping distances





Static Electricity





Current and potential Difference

1. What causes current





Circuits - simple






Ohm's Law Video





Circuits – series and parallel

1. Parallel circuits video

2. Series Circuit Video





Circuit devices (Diode, thermistor, LDR)

1.      Electrical Graphs Video

2.      How to use LDRs & Thermistors





Alternating current

How to use a CRO





Cables and plug wiring





Work out which fuse to use

Earth Wire & Fuses





Electrical power and potential difference





Electrical energy and charge





Background radiation sources





Alpha scattering experiment





Balancing Nuclear equations (see individual alpha, beta gamma videos)

1. Atomic Mass and Atomic number Video

2. Structure of Atom





Alpha, Beta and gamma uses

1. Alpha radiation

2. Beta Radiation

3. Gamma + Summary Video

4. Uses and Dangers





Half life





Nuclear fission





Nuclear Fusion





How the Universe was formed





Life cycle of a star





How all the elements were made (see life cycle of star video)





Unit 3