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An e-mail account is a privilege at The King’s School, open to all students.

You must use acceptable language in all e-mails. All student e-mails are monitored through a filter which identifies the use of banned words. When an e-mail is filtered it will not be sent and the sender will have their e-mail account blocked and their e-mail privileges removed permanently.

You may only send attachments if a teacher has asked you to in a lesson, or if you are sending files to your home e-mail address.

You may not send e-mails to addresses out of school without the permission of a teacher (except when sending files home for which you do not need permission)

You may send e-mails within school to other students at break times – if you have permission to be in a computer suite. It is not acceptable to e-mail other students in lessons without permission from a teacher. If you do so without permission you will have your e-mail access withdrawn.

Students (other than Sixth form) are not allowed to use web mail services e.g. Yahoo, unless you are being directly supervised by a teacher. Not having an e-mail account does not mean you can use other web mail services.

You are not allowed to send worrying, threatening or distressing e-mails to other students. If you do, you will lose your e-mail privileges permanently, and receive other sanctions.

If you receive worrying or threatening e-mails, or ones that upset you, you must report this to a teacher.

If you receive 'spam' please inform one of the ICT technicians or your teacher.

You must not give out personal information in an e-mail e.g. your address or phone number.

You are not allowed to let other students use your e-mail account.

When receiving an e-mail account for the first time, you should change the password. You are responsible for the security of the password.

If you see a student misusing their e-mail account you should report it to a teacher.

Please remember, e-mail is a great way of making your learning more interesting, and for working on your files at home. If you follow these simple rules you should have a positive experience using e-mail at The King’s School.

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